Food Safety and Health and Safety Enforcement Policy

Public Consultation  


The current enforcement policies for both Food Safety and Health and Safety were drafted in 2015. Since that date various underlying guidance documents, such as the Food Law Code of Practice and Practice Guidance, have been updated and we are starting to see how the legislative landscape will look as the various European Regulations are transferred into domestic legislation. 

As well as updating the documents there has also been the opportunity to simplify the language and use a common theme to tie the two documents together. 

Why are we consulting 

The Council aims to be fair and consistent in the enforcement of both Food and Safety legislation. The Enforcement Policies lay out the matters that Authorised Officers must consider when deciding to serve Enforcement Notices, Close a Business, or submit a file for prosecution. For enforcement to be effective those subjected to the legislation should understand the procedures. 

Therefore, we are asking for your views on whether the Enforcement Policies achieve for their aim.

The procedure  

At the Operation Services Committee it was agreed that the two documents to be subject to a 12-week consultation period. That shall run between 24 April and 16 July. A Survey Monkey survey has been developed to guide any submissions you may wish to make or you can respond to and use Enforcement Policy within the subject line. 

All submissions will be considered and the policies will be taken back to the Operational Services Committee for full adoption later this year. 

If you have any questions about this matter please contact Richard Garnett, Senior Environmental Health Officer.