East Cambridgeshire Growth and Infrastructure Fund

The East Cambridgeshire Growth and Infrastructure Fund has been set up to support the sustainable growth of East Cambridgeshire by providing capital funding towards infrastructure projects necessary to deliver sustainable growth and improve quality of life for residents across the district.

Who can apply? 

Applicant organisations must:

  • Have a constitution, or set of rules, which define its aims, objectives and operational and governance procedure, and any relevant supporting policies
  • Be able to provide an up to date copy of their accounts 

Individuals and businesses are not eligible.

What can be funded

The Fund will provide capital funding towards projects that:

  • Support growth across the district
  • Fit with the Council’s infrastructure priorities
  • Are match funded

The scheme will provide capital funding towards the delivery of local infrastructure (including but not limited to transport, health care, social, cultural, education and recreational facilities) to assist, promote, encourage, develop and secure sustainable growth and enable people to live and/or work in East Cambridgeshire. For example, cycle and footpath improvements, new community facilities e.g. village halls, public open space. 

Funding can only be used to increase the capacity of existing infrastructure or to repair failing infrastructure if that is necessary to support growth.

The facilities provided must be open and accessible to the general public with no membership restrictions in relation to the Equality Act 2010, and have wide public and community benefit.

What cannot be funded

Support will not be given to or for:

  • Projects not related to growth
  • Projects requiring revenue funding
  • Routine operating costs or other revenue expenditure 
  • Projects on which work has already commenced
  • Infrastructure located outside East Cambridgeshire, even if used by East Cambridgeshire residents

How much can be applied for

There is no minimum or maximum amount, but a minimum of 10% match funding is required. If there is high demand for funding it may mean that the District Council is only able to make a contribution to your project.  The Council reserves the right to prioritise based on funding available, number and type of applications received and value for money.  Eligibility does not guarantee grant funding. If not all of the funding is allocated a further application round will be held. Eligibility criteria. Proposed projects will be considered with regard to the following criteria: 

  • Evidence that the project is necessary to support local growth.
  • The benefits provided by the project. Evidence of local resident and stakeholder involvement in and support for the project.
  • Alignment with the Councils infrastructure priorities
  • The level of match funding that the project has secured
  • Commitment to Net Zero Carbon and a green approach, demonstrating the highest possible quality standards in terms of design, materials, workmanship and environment in its delivery in order to achieve sustainability

The ability of the applicant to deliver the expected benefits on time and within budget will also be considered.

What are the conditions of funding

Applicants that are awarded a grant will be expected to sign a funding agreement and comply with the following conditions as a minimum:

  • Funding must only be used for the agreed purpose 
  • Any publicity must acknowledge the award provided
  • Unused grant must be returned to East Cambridgeshire District Council

Grants are paid after work has been completed and the expenditure has been incurred, at which time copies of accounts/receipted invoices must be submitted to demonstrate how much has been spent on the project. The work may be inspected and you will need to show how you have complied with any other conditions set. You will also be required to submit a ‘Self Certification Form’ confirming that the works specified in your application form have been completed. In addition, the self certification form requires details around whether the project was completed on time and to budget and what the impact of the project has been to the community.

How to apply

The fund is open for applications until 5pm on Friday 8 December 2023. If not all of the funding is allocated a further application round will be held. Applicants will be required to complete an application form and submit it with the following supporting evidence to G and I fund email.

  • A copy of your organisation’s constitution and relevant policies
  • A copy of your latest accounts (audited if available)
  • A quote/detailed costing for the project

In addition, the following will be required if relevant to the project:

  • Appropriate protection policies: children, young people, vulnerable adults
  • Public Rights of Way consent from landowner
  • Any other relevant material that would support your application

A minimum of 10% match funding is required.

Applications will be assessed by the Growth & Infrastructure Fund Scoring Panel. Their recommendations will be presented to the Council’s Finance and Assets Committee in November for approval.

For further information please email G and I fund or telephone 01353 665555.