Unauthorised Building Work

Unauthorised work:

Is building work that has started without a Building Regulation application being deposited.  If you think that this may have happened, please contact Building Control to report it to us. 

The principal aims of the Building Regulations is to ensure a minimum standard of health, safety, welfare and convenience together with measures to conserve fuel and power. It is the interests of all that come into contact with buildings that compliance with these regulations is met.

Irrespective of the main purpose of the regulations, failure to be able to demonstrate that approval has been obtained for building works, can affect the sale of properties.


Regularisation of Building Work

If building work has been carried out without Building Regulations approval, you can apply retrospectively using our regularisation application form in respect of the 'unauthorised' work. If parts of the building fabric have been covered up, the building inspector may require them to be uncovered.

This Regularisation process can only be used for work commenced on or after 11 November 1985, where Building Regulation approval would have been required but was not sought.