Waste Collections

What will be collected?

This service is for small items of household waste that are produced on a daily basis and cannot be recycled through existing services. Examples would be:

  • packaging waste that isn’t accepted by recycling collections – notably polystyrene, plastic film & bags
  • small toys & electrical items
  • hygiene waste such as nappies & incontinence pads ( a separate clinical waste collection would be needed for some types of medical waste, including hypodermic needles)

Items that will not be collected

It isn’t possible to produce a comprehensive list of excluded items, but the following list gives an indication of the type of items commonly included that could lead to refusal to collect:

  • Car parts, including batteries
  • Hazardous wastes such as needles, asbestos & corrosive substances including paint & oil
  • Materials generated from construction, demolition, home improvement or decorating.
  • Soil
  • Large electrical & electronic equipment (not bigger than a standard toaster)
  • Pesticides & weed killer
  • Garden waste

Please recycle as much as possible.


Rubbish will only be collected if securely contained in black refuse sacks. A roll of 52 refuse sacks is provided annually during August and September. Please look out for details of distribution dates.

No further sacks will be provided before the next due distribution, but additional rubbish will be collected if presented for collection in black refuse sacks provided by the resident.

Loose rubbish will not be collected.

Collection times

Black sacks must be ready for collection by 7am on your collection day. Please do not put bags out any earlier than 6pm on the evening before collection, and where possible not until the morning of collection to reduce the risk of spillage.

Collection point

Sacks must be on the property boundary closest to road access & clearly visible (except where an alternative collection point has been agreed.

Where properties are accessed by private tracks or roads, the normal collection point would be where this meets the public highway.

Just moved to the area?

If you have just moved into the area, or are about to move into the area, you can request a new customer pack from the East Cambs Street Scene Team.  This will include wheeled bins (if no wheeled bins have been left at your property), a supply of black waste sacks and a recycling and collections calendar.  Your welcome pack will be delivered within 5 working days of your moving date.

Landlord and property developer responsibilities

It is the landlord / property developers responsibility to purchase bins for new properties.
However, the owners will need to purchase bins if the developer has not provided them or will not pay.
Once you have your bins and boxes, it is your responsibility to keep them safe and mark them clearly with your house name or number to prevent them from going missing or being stolen. This can be painted on your bins and boxes.
The current charge for wheeled bins is £43 per property.