Examination Stage

Examination Stage (2008/09)

The Examination stage involves Government considering the 'soundness' or suitability of the Council's Submission Core Strategy and Proposals Map. Details of the process, and the Core Strategy Examination library can be viewed in this section.

Examination Overview

An Independent Planning Inspector (Ms M F Travers) was appointed by Government to oversee the Examination of the East Cambridgeshire Core Strategy. The Inspector considered the submitted document along with representations made, and held hearings between 29th April and 13th May 2009 as part of this Examination. The Inspector's binding report was published in August 2009, and concludes that the Core Strategy is 'sound', subject to a number of required changes. The Inspector's report, plus other documents associated with the Examination can be viewed by clicking on the links below.

Core Strategy Reference Documents Library

A library was put together as part of the Examination process. It contains a variety of information sources and background technical information which informed production of the Core Strategy. It includes national and regional planning policy guidance, LDF pre-submision and submission documents, plans and strategies or various organisations, and background technical documents relating to various topic areas.

The library and its contents can be viewed by clicking on the link to the Reference Documents List below, and is also available to view at the District Council offices in Ely (during office hours). Please phone the Forward Planning team on 01353 665555 for further information.