Education & Learning in East Cambridgeshire

Schools and Education

Cambridgeshire County Council is responsible for services relating to compulsory education. Please use the link to the County Council's website to find out more:

Lifelong Learning in East Cambridgeshire

Learning throughout life can bring definite benefits and there is support and help available for everyone to become and stay a learner.

Taking part in learning can:

  • improve your physical and mental well-being
  • have a positive effect on family life and communication between generations
  • motivate you to take part in civic and community life
  • enhance your employment and work prospects

East Cambridgeshire Personal and Community Development Learning and Skills Partnership

The East Cambridgeshire Personal and Community Development Learning and Skills partnership is an informal partnership of organisations who are involved in providing learning opportunities in the East Cambridgeshire area. The Partnership seeks, through collaborative working, to coordinate adult lifelong learning activities across the District.

Community Access Points

Community access points in public or community buildings are places where computers, scanners and printers have been installed for the public to use. The scheme effectively makes computers and the Internet available to people who do not have these facilities at home

The new ITQ qualification

The ITQ is a new qualification allowing a flexible approach to learning with no set course or programme. The practical work-based qualification is geared towards people in the work place and those seeking work who want to consolidate their computer skills. The course contains the following units: the use of the internet/intranets and email, making selective use of IT, word processing, databases, spreadsheets and presentation tools, the essentials of operating IT equipment.

  • If you live in Littleport the course is completely free for those with fewer than 5 GCSE A-C
  • If you live outside Littleport and have less than 5 GCSE A-C the course is free after a registration free of £37.50.
  • For people with more than 5 GCSEs A-C the course is £100 (plus registration fee of £37.50)

For more information on the FREE training opportunities contact your local development worker Eva Alldritt on 07855 748283